SMS Industrial Services provides industry-leading turnkey solutions for your boiler outages, as well as innovative methods of installation and welding that reduce outage schedules and result in increased boiler availability through professional project management, quality control, and safety. We also offer extensive maintenance services with a scalable resource model ranging from basic labor to highly skilled craftsmen.

Spanning across multiple industries, SMS is proud to be the boiler contractor of choice. From coal and recovery boilers, to bark and biomass, to HRSGs, SMS offers specialized knowledge and innovative solutions for most types of industrial boilers.

Pressure Part Repairs/Replacement

Steam Line Repair/Replacement

Valve Replacements

Construction and Repair of Pressure Vessels

Duct Work Repairs/Replacement

Soot Blower Maintenance

Structural Repairs

Coal and Gas Conversion


Full suite of shop services designed to support our field operations that include machining, fabrication, heavy mechanical, and gearbox rebuilds

Large Vessel Modifications/Refurbishment


  • Boiler Construction

    • Pressure Component Welding
    • Steam Piping and Other High-Energy Components
    • Structural Steel Erection
    • Equipment Setting

  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators

    • All component and sub-assembly repairs / replacements / installation
    • Modules, piping, attemperators, headers, tubes
    • Ducts, liners, access doors, bellows, baffles, and dampers
    • SCR / CO Components, Auxiliary skids, Firing systems, monitors
    • Insulation, foundation, structural
    • Field construction personnel specializing in HRSG systems and difficult repairs
    • Code qualified repairs supported by sophisticated design-basis engineering
    • 24/7 Emergency Responsiveness and backup resources

  • Pressure Vessel, Piping, Component Repairs/ Upgrades

    • Corrosion / Erosion damage repairs
    • Machine weld overlay for corrosion resistant upgrades
    • Vessel modifications, reconfigurations, and crack repairs
    • Code qualified repairs supported by design-basis engineering

  • Boiler Overhaul

    • Entire Boiler Unit Refurbishment
    • Pendant Replacements
    • Waterwall Panel Replacement
    • Burner and OFA Modification/Replacement
    • Air Reheater Rebuilds
    • Steam Line Repair/Replacement
    • Valve Replacements
    • Construction and Repair of Pressure Vessels
    • Grate Overhauls
    • Soot Blower Maintenance
    • Port Rodder Replacement

  • General Mechanical Services

    • Turnkey solutions, implementation and project management
    • Demolition and construction experience and capabilities
    • Sophisticated programming for safety and execution excellence


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